Website development refers to creating, building and maintaining websites for clients for the expansion of business in the digital world. Web development broadly relates to the development of websites for hosting via intranet or the internet. The processes involved in website development are web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, network security configuration, etc. We provide you services such as basic website development, e-commerce, payment gateway integration, and domain & hosting.

  • Basic Website

We provide basic website development services to our clients designing templates. Due to the commercialization of the web, the popularity of web development has increased in recent years. The growth of this industry is by businessmen who want to flourish their businesses using their website to promote products and services to customers. Web development has a greater impact on online marketing. A site usually has multiple pages, such as about us, home, form, blog posts, FAQ content, and so on. We as a professional website design company in India create a code template for all the content so that visitors to the website are able to easily access all the information. Our team of developers is proficient in CSS and HTML coding, along with interactive elements like jQuery.

  • E-commerce

E-commerce has become very popular in the last decade and is replacing the brick and mortar stores. It enables purchasing, selling and payment via electronic mediums such as mobile applications and the Internet. We help you in starting e-commerce business by developing your own website or we can help you improve and provide solutions for your existing e-commerce website.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

Due to the ever-growing popularity of the internet in recent years, now everyone prefers online for payment because it is fast and convenient to use. Due to the availability of the internet, selling and purchasing globally has now become convenient and easy. The payment gateway is introduced to provide payment security while online transactions. This prevents any fraud to happen within the operation. A payment gateway is a third-party between a merchant and a customer that safely takes the money from the customer and sends it to the merchant’s bank account. At BESI we provide payment gateway integration to our clients so that they can smoothly and conveniently get payments from their customers directly into their accounts.

  • Domain & Hosting

At BESI we provide domains to our clients at a low cost. We provide Indian domains like .in, as well as other domains like .com, .net, .org. We are an authorized domain seller from ICANN and InRegistry accredited registrar. With the help of our strong technical support team, we register and maintain domains.

Worrying about the speed of your website? Not anymore! We will provide you a fast and reliable website and you don’t have to bother anymore about your website going down because of the slow speed. We provide our clients with uninterrupted and fast web host services.

  • Chatbot Integration

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software and is one of the most advanced expressions to conduct a conversation between a user and a machine in natural language via messengers, websites, mobile apps, etc. Chatbots are evolving and becoming popular on social media platforms and on other websites too. We provide the chatbot integration service to clients for their website and social media handles so that they can communicate to their customers in a convenient way.

What’s the BESI advantage?

Are you a start-up looking for a digital exposure or an already settled enterprise looking for an online extension of your business but confused about how to go about it? Then, you’re in the right place. We’re a team, highly dedicated to helping you win your digital marketing game strategically and in the most cost-effective manner.

Digital Marketing is not just about your online presence but a lot more, so we make sure that your entire digital marketing campaign is ROI driven. Our Strategic team understand your business model and provide you the solution exactly based on your requirement. Our core strategic solution team provides the market-driven strategy and also helps you to identify the channels through which you can increase your ROI.

BESI being the branding and digital marketing agency for your business not only provides the website development but also a cutting-edge solution in website design, e-commerce web development, website redesign and many more. The face of your business needs to be well structured and coded so that it’s convenient for the user to scroll through the website, and is glitch-free. The website acts as a standpoint of your business for the clients and competitors to understand what your company is all about. We focus on building a website with relevant content that lets your business stand out in a haystack of other websites. We connect a simple HTML alongside an immersive visitor encounter for your clients.